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How to Get Involved with the Corioli Institute

At the Corioli Institute, our work is focused on research through engagement with local practitioners and participation with communities. We aim to align academia and practice with on-ground needs through collaborative, local, participatory research. Alongside our research we assist local practitioners in building capacity and scale for access to international and state donor streams.

We are open to considering projects around the world and welcome  project proposals from researchers and practitioners passionate to make in impact.


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Corioli Institute Fellows Program

The Corioli Institute is dedicated to leading research and action on Formerly Armed Actor (FAA) reintegration. We are pleased to issue this call for applications for our inaugural Summer 2024 Non-Residential Fellows Program.

For most of history, humans have produced violence as members of groups or organizations and perpetuated conflict globally. What is frequently lost in our handling of cycles of conflict is the reintegration of formerly armed actors -i.e., those individuals who participated in the production of violence as a function of his or her membership to a group of some kind. The Corioli Institute seeks to be the vanguard for multi-sector interdisciplinary research and action worldwide, together with FAAs and their receiving communities. We leverage fully participatory approaches, foregrounding the needs and capabilities of the individuals and institutions with whom we work in every context to craft case-by-case integration initiatives and relevant policies and programs.

The Corioli Institute fellowship runs for ten weeks with start and end dates aligned to the applicant's summer availability, and an expected 35-hour work week. The fellowship is unpaid, though applicants are welcome to utilize eligible internship funding programs from their university or school. Applicants should have strong critical analysis, writing, and collaborative capabilities. While familiarity with research methodologies is a plus, the Corioli Institute will train Fellows who demonstrate strong potential in specific methods requirements on a case-by-case basis. The Institute is committed to the personal and professional development of its Fellows and operates on the premise that a wide range of organizational and experiential backgrounds can be meaningfully and artfully combined in service of the overarching mission.


The Fellows program is open to both undergraduate and graduate students inside and outside the United States. There is no minimum requirement for previous educational experience or work experience in related fields. Non-traditional and underrepresented students are welcome to utilize work, educational, and life experiences in their application and are encouraged to apply.

Application Requirements

All applicants should complete their application form and provide a CV/resume, a 1-page cover letter, and a short essay (maximum 600 words). In your essay, please respond to one of the following questions:


  • Option 1 – Select one of the projects on the Corioli Institute’s Project Page and explain how it relates to your work and/or studies. Include your ideal vision for how you might contribute to the project ideas. (Note that some projects are complete, so this is as much to get a sense of your thinking and experience as it is to know where you would like to work geographically. Corioli will make our best efforts to align selected Fellows with their interests as expressed in these application essays.)

  • Option 2 – Propose your own Fellowship initiative. Develop a research question of your own that you would like to pursue on the topic of formerly armed actors. Be as specific as possible: for example, specific geographies, constructs, social dynamics, domains of theory, and/or methodological approaches. You do not need to address all of these, but the more specific the better.

This can be submitted in any format you believe best gets your point across, and should loosely follow a ‘who, what, when, where, why, and how’ outline.


Fellows can be physically located anywhere inside or outside the United States but should have a reliable internet connection for conducting desk research and weekly or bi-weekly meetings with the Fellows Program Director and Corioli team. Project deliverables and travel will depend on the candidate's experience, expertise, and desired or assigned project. 

Applications are due December 18th, 2023, at 11:59 pm EST. Applicants can expect selection results by January 31, 2024, at the latest.

For questions or clarifications on the Institute, application process, or Fellows Program please contact Fellows Program Director Luke Magyar at, or +1 (252)-470-6112 on WhatsApp, Signal, or SMS.

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