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14 Countries

Contributing to the development of informed policies and programs that have a positive impact on conflict-affected communities worldwide.

Community Peace Garden - Colombia

Veterans Restorative Justice Project - United States

Unleashing Potential Through Research and Engagement

The Corioli Institute fills a glaring gap in the political economy of community rebuilding by conducting essential mixed-methods research to identify the most effective integration initiatives on a context-by-context basis. Its primary goal is to equip these initiatives with the necessary technical knowledge and skills to effectively engage with the international donor community. The Institute addresses a recurring challenge in the field of reintegration and fostering social cohesion: local organizations that are most recognizable to donor agencies may not possess the best expertise and capabilities to effectively tackle the intricate challenges of these processes. By bridging this gap between local expertise and international support, the Corioli Institute plays a vital role in promoting successful and sustainable reintegration efforts that benefit communities worldwide.


Our Worldwide Impact

From our headquarters at the Corioli Institute, we are actively making a positive impact on communities affected by chronic violence worldwide.

With a research-driven and action-oriented approach, we strive to understand, improve, and advocate for effective responses to violence. Currently, we are making a significant impact worldwide, leveraging our expertise and networks to address the unique challenges faced by the communities in this region. 

Join us as we continue to make a worldwide impact, empowering communities and individuals to overcome the challenges of chronic violence and strive towards a brighter future for all.



"Thanks to your work, [a former cartel member in a drug rehabilitation program] was able to begin his process because he had a compassionate person who would listen to him without judging him. His dignity was intact despite everything…he stopped feeling like a monster and recovered his humanity. Meeting you humanized him.”

Program Director, Mexico

Our Partners

The Corioli Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to changing the way we think about and design policies and programs for rebuilding communities and social cohesion after experiences with violence. With its trusted partners, the Corioli Institute is committed to creating innovative solutions that make a meaningful impact on the world.

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Together, we can rebuild trust, restore social cohesion, and create a brighter future for conflict-affected communities.
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