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Freetown, Sierra Leone

Assessing the impact of reintegration programs within communities of ex-combatants

The Corioli Institute is commencing a research project in Freetown, Sierra Leone in partnership with local researcher and leader Hassan Kallon to conduct ethnographic research and life history interviews of communities into which former child soldiers have reintegrated.

This research aims to explore the nuances between child combatants and adult combatants concerning their experiences, perspectives, and challenges related to reintegration in post-conflict Sierra Leone. The study will investigate the efficacy of reintegration programs by examining their impact on child combatants' lives and learn about the extent to which their needs have been met by these programs in the decades following the end of the civil conflict.

The research will adopt a mixed-methods approach, incorporating semi-structured or life history interviews and focus group discussions (FGDs) to gather qualitative data from former child and adult combatants. The interviews will delve deep into the personal narratives of selected individuals, providing valuable insights into their journey from being combatants to reintegrating into society, which will further inform understanding of what remains in terms of needs for basic human security for them as well as their communities.

Images taken by researchers from the Corioli Institute on the planning and construction of peace gardens in Bocana Agua Caliente (Morelia) and La Gloria (Florencia), as well as the
community engagement activities of FUMUCASTIVIC.

Corioli's work with SUCEDE "Sociedad en Acción de Sinaloa" in La Reforma, December 2023.

Corioli Institute Researchers working with Noreste Sustentable (NOS) in the community of
El Manglito, La Paz, Baja California Sur in 2022.