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Reintegrating veterans through collaborative Research and Action

After Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the Corioli Institute started building connections with local organizations dedicated to the reintegration of Ukrainian soldiers returning from the frontlines. These include the Ukrainian Veterans Foundation of the Ministry of Veterans Affairs, the Ukrainian Women Veteran Movement, Pislya Sluzhby and IREX, among others. With their guidance and support, Corioli Researchers were able to conduct on site interviews with Ukrainian servicemembers, veterans and diverse reintegration programing stakeholders from government, civil society and international organizations in summer 2023.

Based on the interviews, and in close coordination with our Ukrainian partners, the Corioli Institute developed the format and methodology for the first annual "Out of War" conference, titled "Global Insights to Support Strategies for the Reintegration of Ukraine's Frontline Returnees" on October 13th and 14th, 2023 at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). The conference convened academics, practitioners, policymakers, and formerly armed actors from 18 countries to elaborate on a plan of action addressing many of the existing social, economic, and psychological challenges Ukrainian veterans face when returning from the frontlines.

The conference facilitated a synthesis of expertise and epistemes from many walks of organized violence research to inform proposals aimed at helping Ukrainian veterans and their families. These proposals are currently being codified in a policy paper drawing on insights from the conference’s discussion sessions, which will be circulated to relevant stakeholders in government, international organizations, and civil society. By identifying the immediate and longterm needs of veterans highlighted by the Ukrainian partners present at the conference and developing recommendations grounded in the innovative convergence of ideas from multi-sited expertise, the paper aims to materialize the event's objective by providing concise yet comprehensive information on this complex field of action and effectively influencing policy priorities within it.

Moreover, the Corioli Institute is presently seeking funding opportunities to realize Research and Action initiatives together with its local Ukrainian partners that promote civic engagement, counseling opportunities and job prospects for reintegrating veterans. Besides securing funding for new projects, the Corioli Institute will assist these organizations with systematic approaches to data collection and evaluation, which helps identify existing operational challenges and allocate funding more efficiently. Moreover we seek to assist these organizations in rendering their successful reintegration strategies more visible and understandable to donor agencies to narrow the gap between funding provision and project efficacy.

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