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Corioli Institute affiliated researchers and practitioners contribute to academia not only through academic research, but also through knowledge sharing, creating and maintaining databases of survey data, interview transcripts, and so on. In addition, the Corioli Institute aims to partner global south with global north researchers to identify incipient, contextualized efforts developed by conflict-affected populations that already facilitate FAA reintegration at the community level.

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Stay updated with our global projects and research. Explore past projects, access materials, and connect with authors and researchers. We are working with state-of-the-art techniques in reintegration and developing literature as well as practice.

Corioli Institute is a nonprofit organization that focuses on providing resources and support to conflict-afflicted communities throughout the world. Our research and projects are dedicated to understanding the lived experience of formerly armed actors (FAA'S) and the communities where they are placed. Our diverse and dedicated team brings in a breadth of skills in qualitative and quantitative research alongside a deep commitment to making an impact.


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