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Doing bad to be good: remedying the realities of youth participation in Colombia’s non-state armed groups

Erin McFee


This blog explores the inadequacies of policies and interventions aimed at young people involved in the extralegal activities of Colombia's non-state armed groups. It argues that these approaches are overly simplistic and fail to capture the complex and varied motivations behind youth involvement, which can often be driven by seemingly "good" intentions and masked by "bad" behaviors. The post advocates for a more holistic approach and a significant shift in thinking to accurately recognize these realities and develop more effective strategies to reduce youth participation in such activities.

Published: 10.10.2019

Institution: LSE Latin America and Caribbean Centre Blogs

To cite this publication: 

McFee, Erin. (2019, October 10). "Doing Bad to Be Good: Remedying the Realities of Youth Participation in Colombia’s Non-State Armed Groups." LSE Latin America and Caribbean Centre Blog.

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