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The End of the War on Drugs?
Reimagining the US-Colombia Relationship

Erin McFee


This blog outlines the challenges and implications of Gustavo Petro's presidency in Colombia, particularly focusing on his rejection of militarized drug policies and the potential shifts in the US-Colombia relationship. It also details the rise in violence and influence of the Mexican Sinaloa Cartel in Colombia, exacerbated by unfulfilled peace accord promises and economic desperation among rural populations. The article discusses strategic recommendations for the US to support Colombia effectively, emphasizing the need for land reform, stopping aerial fumigation, and enhancing rural security and development to create a sustainable approach to counternarcotics.

Published: 18.08.2022

Institution: Modern War Institute at West Point

To cite this publication: 

McFee, Erin. (2022, August 18). "The End of the War on Drugs? Reimagining the US-Colombia Relationship." Modern War Institute.

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