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Root of Conflict: Trust After Betrayal | Erin McFee

Erin McFee, Connor Christensen, Andrea Mariño Varela


In this "Root of Conflict" podcast episode, the Corioli Institute's President and Chair, Dr Erin McFee, explores the challenging journey of formerly armed actors (FAAs) transitioning back into civilian life and the intricacies of reconciliation in post-conflict societies, focusing on Colombia and the reintegration of the FARC. Erin shares her personal journey of interest in Colombia and the reintegration of formerly armed actors. She provides insights into her work, which revolves around interventions that cultivate interpersonal trust between former perpetrators of violence and victims, fostering collaborative efforts to rebuild their everyday lives.

Published: 12.04.2022
Editing: Ricardo Sande

Production: Reema Saleh

Institution: Pearson Institute, University of Chicago

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