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Commissioning “Truth” in Transition in Florencia, Caquetá

Erin McFee


This blog discusses the debates at the time about establishing a truth commission in Colombia, emphasizing the need to address victim classification, state accountability, and changing entrenched perceptions of Colombians. It highlights how existing analyses often overlook the deep-seated issues of secrecy and mistrust, as well as the varied experiences among citizens affected by the conflict. The post focuses particularly on the region of Caquetá and its capital, Florencia, illustrating the complexities of addressing these issues in areas still deeply affected by conflict dynamics and socio-economic challenges. The narrative underscores the importance of recognizing and integrating these multifaceted realities into the framework of truth and reconciliation efforts as Colombia moves towards peace.

Published: 30.04.2015

Institution: Society for Cultural Anthropology

To cite this publication: 

McFee, Erin. (2015, April 30). "Commissioning “Truth” in Transition in Florencia, Caquetá." Hot Spots, Fieldsights.

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