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Coffee Table Book

Somos del Mar: Desarrollo y Comunidad en El Manglito

Nahomi Méndez Méndez, Andrea Musuy Méndez García, Luís Ángel Méndez Carreaga

Jeanne Lieberman, Johanna Pérez, Erin McFee (Eds.)

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This coffee table book is the result of the Corioli Institute’s work in the fishing community of El Manglito, Baja California Sur, Mexico that is affected by cartel violence and environmental pollution. Engaging with children and youth, we chose a publication format that tells the story and everyday life of the community in their own words. Our team led a series of data collection workshops, brought in consultants, and funded the book’s production for the community. The project’s novel participatory, receptive, collaborative approach to trust building and social cohesion within El Manglito resulted in a strong sense of identity, efficacy, and pride among the youth of the community.

Published: April 2023

To cite this publication: 

Méndez Méndez, Nahomi et al. 2023. "Somos del Mar: Desarrollo y Comunidad en El Manglito." Corioli Institute.

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