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Terrorism & International Order

Erin McFee, Jacob Ware, Zak Kallenborn, Gary Ackerman, Herbert Tinsley, Alexis Bradstreet, Nakissa Jahanbani, Sean Morrow


The chapter is the result of the authors' working group contributions for the International Security Seminar 2023: "Order, Counterorder, Disorder? Regional and Global Security Orders in the Shadow of Sino-American Competition." It discusses the shifting priorities in national security, where terrorism has been overtaken by concerns about strategic competition with global powers such as Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran. It emphasizes the ongoing relevance of terrorism in the international arena, exploring its potential to either disrupt or foster international cooperation. The paper investigates terrorism's historical impact, current threats including domestic terrorism with international implications, and future possibilities, concluding with a review of how cooperative international efforts can help manage terrorism and maintain global order.

Published: April 2023
ISBN: 978-1-959631-04-0

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McFee, Erin, J. Ware, Z. Kallenborn, G. Ackerman, H. Tinsley, A. Bradstreet, N. Jahanbani, and S. Morrow, “Chapter 20 – Terrorism & International Order,” in Order, Counter-Order, Disorder? Regional and Global Security Orders in the Shadow of Sino-American Competition (eds.) Jordan Becker and Joshua Woodaz. West Point Press: West Point, NY, US.

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