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Project Gallery

Assessing the impact of reintegration programs within communities of ex-combatants in Freetown, Sierra Leone

Assisting former members of Afghan Special Forces and their families resettling in the United States

Building Intergenerational trust and social cohesion in El Manglito, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Conducting ethnographic research with former youth gang members in El Salvador

Developing a framework for the Climate change, Conflict, and Migration (CCM) Nexus in Libya and Sudan

Gathering life histories of former Al-Shabaab members in Somalia

Peacebuilding through community gardening

Reducing gender-based violence and improving trust and social cohesion in La Reforma

Reintegrating veterans of the Ukraine conflict through a Research and Action Initiative

Understanding experiences with betrayal and anticipation of reintegration among former US military-affiliated Afghan interpreters

Veterans Restorative Justice Project

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